Diet with yogurt for weight loss fast

Because the yogurt is considered to an effective product for weight loss?

In addition to helping you lose weight effectively, the use of the yogurt in your diet will help you to detoxify the body, maintain the low levels of cholesterol and even to strengthen bones. The yogurt diet is a quick diet and stays within the boundaries of a healthy diet.

The only concern is: do not go more of five days of diet.

Before being a product on the shelves of supermarkets, the yogurt was sold only in pharmacies as a drug and he was considered a cure for intestinal infections. From here we see that the yogurt was an important element for our health. Continue reading

Today, it is one of the essential nutrients in a healthy diet. With fruit, jam, simple, fat or skimming, there are yogurt for everyone. The Daily consumption bring many benefits for your body.

With a content low in fat, but high in protein and calcium, the yogurt helps you lose weight without much effort and you can be part of a perfect diet for lovers of dairy products.

Diet with yogurt for weight loss fast:

yogurt for weight loss-Yogurt with 0% fat, a slice of black bread and coffee without sugar.

-A cup of vegetable soup, a 0% fat yogurt, a piece of fruit (may be a banana).

-Yogurt 0% fat and salad of fruits or vegetables with a little olive oil and lemon juice.

– 2 litres of water a day,
– Remove the sweets, alcohol and carbonated drinks.

Reasons to follow a healthy diet with yogurt:

– Yogurt contains selected enzymes that facilitates the digestion of lactose also in the case of persons to which the milk causes heartburn.
– With 1 yogurt a day, you avoid bloating (gas), constipation and stomach upset.
– The consumption of yogurt is a good source of calcium and protein, ideal to have strong bones and until may maintain the osteoporosis.

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