Discover the slimming breakfast to lose 5 kilos

Breakfast is the most important meal for everyone who wants to lose weight. Take a breakfast misguidedly is to open doors to the weight gain. Take up your breakfast with care and you will increase significantly the possibilities slimming up to 5 kilos in 7 days.

First: Try that comply with these rules and in the preparation of your breakfast:

Enjoy breakfast as soon as possible, of this way we activate the metabolism. If you don’t eat anything in the first 60 minutes since you wake up, your body will start to burn muscle tissue to feed. This will begin to generate a cycle that will affect your blood sugar, causing you a greater need for sugar (carbohydrates) during the day.

Includes light proteins to provide satiety in the long run. They help the body to level the sugar intake, and control appetite. Dairy products may seem an obvious choice for breakfast, with the exception of those that are high in fat and calories. Milk, egg whites, cottage cheese or skimmed yogurt.
Adds fiber to breakfast. Fiber derived from fruits and whole grains, provide satiety and lasting energy.

The coffee can have both positive and negative effects. It is a great source of antioxidants, but people with hypertension, migraines, or sleep disorders should avoid it. For others, the coffee remains the best ally to start the day with energy.

Second, try these “slimming breakfast” during the first hour of the day:

slimming breakfastMonday.
Start the week with a bit of detoxification. In addition to accelerating the metabolism the breakfast helps weight loss by preventing the afternoon anxiety attacks. When you wake up to take a glass of water, with lemon juice. After eat 3 pomelos. In this way, you enable the metabolism and also begin to remove toxins.

Soup. A hot dish of vegetable soup or a light soup with chicken and vegetables. It is not a usual breakfast but it is a question of being flexible.

Two slices of toast and orange juice. Although we take juice freshly squeezed you should never abuse it. Orange juice has calories and sugar and must be consumed in moderation: just a glass a day.

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Two natural nonfat yogurts. Yogurt is a source of calcium and protein, which can also serve as substitute milk for people who have difficulty digesting lactose, since in the process of elaboration of this disappears almost completely. Although it has some fat, Greek is a good choice, because it contains up to twice the protein than the conventional.

I recommend you:

The thing to avoid are sugary yogurts, and of flavors, which have more sugar than necessary. A good alternative is to take yogurt with fruit, which gives flavor and sweetens without raising both calories.

Two boiled eggs, a slice of toasted bread and green tea. Green tea seems to be the variety with greater benefits for our health, thanks to the Epigallocatechin gallate, a powerful antioxidant.

The egg contains much cholesterol but also has its own antidote, lecithin, a fat that helps control cholesterol avoiding that you adhere to the arterial walls. Eggs are also a great source of protein and vitamin D.

A salad of tomato and fresh cheese.

A big bowl of muesli cereal and yogurt.

Make sure you these slimming breakfasts are rich in foods with a high protein level.


– You can accompany your luncheon with a salad. We ensure a lasting feeling of satiety.
– Have a light dinner at least four hours before bedtime.
– For dinner you can repeat any of breakfast ingredients except the eggs and citrus.

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