Down 8 Kilos with the Beyonce diet

This lemonade diet, also called the diet of Beyonce or “The Master Cleanse” this diet promises to make you lose up to 8 kilos in single two weeks, but it is also defended by his followers by to be a potent detoxifying our bodies, so restores vitality and cleans it of toxins.

The recommendations are that: before using or follow a diet always consult with a specialist before risking affect their health and possibly weaken.

There are some people who have implemented this Beyonce diet by only 3 or 4 days and have also benefited, and have burned fat, as well as renewed his body; but not with the results of those who follow him to meet the goal of 10 days.

How to prepare the Beyonce diet

We must prepare the lemonade special, to do this, use the following ingredients:

– 2 tablespoons lemon or lime juice
– 2 tablespoons maple syrup
– Cayenne to taste
– 10 ounces of cool or lukewarm water (in a cup)

beyonce diet

This preparation must take it every day of the diet, accompanied if you want with one type of laxative herbal tea, may be Mint, green tea, among others.

At the same time, for greater efficiency and best work intestinal, some they’ve added salt water to this diet.

What makes this lemonade:

This lemonade based its effect fat and weight loss in its depurative, diuretic and detoxifying power. I.e., it stimulates intestinal movement, promoting that you go to the bathroom, avoid constipation, and eliminate toxins.

It also stimulates the Elimination of liquids and speeds up the metabolism, especially in the liver and pancreas. Another of the benefit of lemon juice is a rich antioxidant, for its high content of vitamin C. It is recognized also to be an agent against cholesterol and triglycerides.

When you start on the first day of “Beyonce diet“; when you get up drink a laxative tea or water with salt, then with the passing of the hours can be taking the special lemonade and water, alternating many times as you want.

Generally throughout the day, you may have drunk between 12-13 glasses of lemonade. At night before bed, you go back to drinking “laxative tea.” Remember not to let your stomach pass hungry, so please take a few glasses of lemonade, which are necessary. So they will be all the days, you can not eat snack or a solid, according to its creator and artists who have followed this diet, including singer Beyonce, only then will achieve the objectives.

How to finish the diet

The day #11, you must be very careful at mealtime, as you’ve been in a period of Detox, your body is not ready for heavy food.

For these cases: the first thing you should do is to incorporate juices, can be orange, this first day can not eat meals.

On the second day of the Beyonce diet, as well as orange juice, can now eat a broth or soup, but only of vegetables, but nothing of chicken, meat or fish. We recommend carrot, celery, potato, there are those who advise to add vegetables but can to be a little heavy. On the other hand, you can add rice and season with salt to taste.

On the third day, as well as juice and soup lunch, dinner, you can eat a fruit or vegetable salad.
Already on the fourth day you can go adding meat and on the fifth day eat normally, that Yes, don’t abuse of condiments, or fat, or sugar.

Some consequences:

Many people when making the diet Beyonce or lemonade, and having gone days without food solid food, feel some discomfort such as fatigue, dizziness, nausea or vomiting.

It is normal this diet; people who say they have practiced assure that it is only when you start the diet and with the passage of time you will feel better, have more energy and more vitality than when you are eating every day, your average meal.

Other benefits

It is worth commenting that lemon or his preparation in lemonade has other beneficial effects on our health, the specialists refer to:

– Helps fight bronchial diseases, such as asthma, hay fever, sinusitis. They also claim that the Beyonce diet is good for eliminating allergies and infections.

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