Flabby skin after weight loss, 7 tips

After significant weight loss, sometimes we notice that skin did not return to his place as it should, looks flabby, may hang, and then reached up to think “better not would have slimmed down”, since aesthetically dislike the new look of the skin.

Not at all happens we have a flabby skin after weight loss, but there are people that if happens, if we want to lose weight, there are some points to be considered to avoid ending up with a flabby skin.

Why does the sagging skin?

Own diet can give place the flaccidity of the skin, especially when not combined with an exercise routine to tone muscles, but certain types of diets, also promote weight loss, and those are the famous fast diets, i.e., those that are very demanding with our body and which tend to be very “effective” for weight loss, because they make us lose weight very quickly, i.e., have a high percentage of muscle loss.

Another risk factor may be a sedentary lifestyle without import the type of diet, all make us lose muscle mass, albeit a bit.

Consequences of slim down aside from flabby skin

In some cases flabby skin not only, will show on your belly, up to the face can lose firmness and perhaps be a little more or even appear ill; wrinkles may also appear around her cheeks and neck.

The truth is, that the age is very important, one person under 30 years, it can have less chance of that your skin to become flaccid after a diet.

7 tips to prevent flabby skin after weight loss

flabby skin after weight loss

1. Do not go by fast diets

I know it, I am aware that it is very tempting lose 3 pounds in one week, but unfortunately much weight lost, surely it is based on muscle lost more body fat, doesn’t make much sense if this causes our metabolism is slower and our skin show a flabby appearance.

The best option is a well balanced diet to try to lose muscle in the shortest possible amount during the thinning process.

2. Includes a power exercise routine

Although we have the idea that exercise for weight loss is cardiovascular exercise, this does not mean that the exercise of force or impact is NOT an important point, in fact now recommended combining the routines, this because not only we tonificamos our body, but because gain some muscle, we also increase our metabolism at rest, burning more calories in an indirect way i.e. speeding up your metabolism.

3. Say no to the fasts

If you constantly jump times of food, that could be the reason of the sagging skin, therefore this habit, causes that your body consume the energy from your muscles and as a result, your skin loses tone, seems insignificant, but in the long run, can be a habit that is very bad for our health and our physical appearance.

Skip breakfast or any meal time, holding a maximum of 4 hours between the times of food should be avoided.

4. Includes exercise

While the exercise of force is appropriate to strengthen the abdominal muscles and firm, he is also advisable to include regular exercise, it is essential to speed up the weight loss without resorting to extreme diets.

I recommend:

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He is advisable to devote between 40 minutes to 1 hour from 3 to 4 days a week to maintain the constancy of the exercise and enjoy its benefits. Some recommended exercises as walking, swimming, aerobics.

5. It corrects your posture

Many times our bad back alignment can be the cause of a more flabby abdomen, since the abdominal muscles lose tone. He is advisable to adopt a more appropriate position for keeping our firm abdomen.

6. Firming Massage

Although the previous Councils, were to prevent skin sagging after weight loss, there are some treatments that we can consider:

– The massage can be a good option to recover firmness and tonicity of the skin.
– Through a massage can improve circulation and the elasticity of the skin.
– On some occasions creams are used, with herbal extract to firm the skin, such as rosemary or even clay.
– The results may take time to occur, so it is necessary to obtain various massages.

7. Cosmetic acupuncture.

For sagging in the face, we can resort to cosmetic acupuncture, which consists of applying very thin needles in the face points to stimulate the muscles and improve the firmness and elasticity of the skin.

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