How lower the belly with 5 natural foods

It is possible to lower the belly?. Yes. A prominent belly can affect both at thin people as with overweight, so it tends to be a common concern.

Not lose those inches in the abdominal area, can sometimes be frustrating, and many persons have decided to resort to methods invasive as surgery and liposuction procedures to lower belly.

The importance of lower belly

Why must we not ignore abdominal obesity?

A prominent abdomen may be sign of a bad digestion, however, when it comes to store fat, also must take into account certain risks to our health.

The accumulation of fat in the abdominal area has been linked to risk of cardiovascular disease. In addition, one circumference greater than 80 cm in women and more than 90 cm in men also has been linked to the metabolic syndrome, which includes diabetes, hypertension, and Dyslipidemia.

5 Natural Foods to lower the belly:

How lower the belly

1 Yogurt low fat

Fermented dairy products like yogurt and cheese are considered as probiotic food, i.e. that they have live cultures of bacteria that are beneficial for our body. The consumption of probiotic foods helps to improve our digestion, and also to prevent infections. It is recommended fermented milk defatted, this will help us down the belly.

2. Green tea

One of the most popular teas to accelerate weight loss, currently green tea. The tea gives you this ability to lose weight, and this can be very useful to lower belly.

Green tea has the ability to reduce the effects of stress, and also reduces the conversion of glucose in fat to favor its use. It is often recommended to consume 3 cups of green tea a day to enjoy its benefits in our weight and health.

4 Citrus

Citrus fruits are a rich source of vitamin C or Ascorbic acid, a vitamin that is popular in the reduction of abdominal fat, also tends to be the protagonist of detoxifying diets, thanks to its antioxidant power, says it helps to improve the metabolism of fats to favoring its reduction.

Some examples of citrus fruits are oranges, lemon, Tangerine, among others.

5. Water

Water is a natural, calorie-free beverage, but what makes it special to reduce abdomen?

Most of the drinks, such as soft drinks, juices or other drinks tend to be very rich in sugar and therefore its contribution of carbohydrates is quite high, which not only promotes weight gain, also causes abdominal inflammation. The water on the other hand, helps prevent constipation, helps to hydrate your body and provides no calories.

It is recommended, consumption of 6 to 8 glasses of water a day, but these requirements may be more or less depending on loss of liquids due to the climate or exercises.

And be careful, of take plenty of water, because you can lose minerals, which perhaps are necessary for the body. All with balance.

Learn how to eat healthy, this eventually will help you live better.

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