How to lose belly fat without losing weight – Japanese method

How to lose belly fat naturally? When it comes to losing weight, each person responds differently. Many prefer the aerobic exercise, consuming calories evenly, and others resort to diets that restrict certain foods.

In the weight that is lost, there is something that we all share: the difficulty to remove abdominal fat. Unfortunately for us, the belly is one of the zones more difficult for lose weight.

But luckily, those who wish to learn how to remove the fat from the abdomen can access many healthy and natural procedures.

Then we will show you another method to lose belly fat, it this time comes from the East. This method in question, was developed by the doctor Japanese Fukutsudzi, a doctor specializing in diseases of the bones.

How does the Japanese method to lose belly fat, according to its author?

how to lose belly fat without losing weight

The Doctor Fukutsudzi (dr fukutsudzi) has come to the conclusion of that poor posture and alignment of the pelvic bones is largely the cause of the accumulation of fat in the belly and abdomen, thus, with study and the knowledge that the doctor has, to developed a technique which, unveiled in a book that according to data, carries about 6 million copies sold in the Asian continent.

While many sources mention that it is a method to lose weight, I personally think that more than one method that allows us to slim down; but in the abdominal area, since there is no physical activity as such, it we could hardly, say that will help lose weight or burn fat.

But don’t worry, also can help one of the Natural foods that reduce belly and 4 effective tips for reducing waist.

However, the Japanese method also has other benefits like for example: helps us to look thinner, promotes good digestion by releasing the pressure that often subjecting to our organs in the abdominal cavity with poor posture, of course, a more effective digestion, may also help us to lose inches in our abdomen, therefore this may be another way in which this method promotes a flatter belly.

How to lose belly fat without losing weight, a Japanese method for correct posture and slim waist

According to the creator, Dr. Fukutsudzi, the method should apply 3 times a day for a period of 5 minutes, i.e., we are going to spend 15 minutes a day in total.


– 1 large towel.
– 1 cord or Ribbon to keep the rolled towel.


You must wrap the towel with lace and fasten. See image:

1. After lie on your back on a surface firm and flat, placing the towel that we’ve rolled behind our lower back, right at our navel level. See image:


2. Separate your legs to the height of our hips, and are going to lean our feet against each other until your thumbs are touching.

3. Finally we carry our arms backward and turn our hands with palms facing the floor, tilting them until our little fingers pinkies touch each other, we hold this position for 5 minutes and relax. See image:

flatten the abdomen


It is not advisable to stand up immediately after of maintain this position, the best is, we turn to one side, and then sit down to relax the body for a few minutes before to stand.

As you can see seems to be simple, however it can be difficult to keep this position and even for some it can be painful, is recommended to start with a time shorter, like a minute, and with the passage of days, adding minutes to 5 minutes per repeat.

It is not a method to lose weight

Although many claim that weight loss can be achieved, this is not 100% real, since the method helps to rearrange the pelvis and vertebrae resulting in a change in our distribution of body fat. It is possible to reduce some centimeters, but is not due to the burning of fat or calories, so if our aim is to lose weight, this method will not we work.

Using this method requires constancy to obtain the best results, but is estimated to come within a month, you can now start to notice the changes. Is recommended to take measures of our abdomen at least weekly to observe the difference.

It is worth mentioning that in some sources mentioned that it is not necessary to a diet or make another type of exercise to benefit from this method, but if we want to get the best results for weight loss, don’t forget about healthy diets low in calories.


If what we want is to improve our silhouette and posture, it may be a good alternative. This is another method that can certainly help us to reduce inches in our abdomen.

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