Is kiwi fruit good for weight loss?

This fruit native of Chinese is very nutritious to be small, also is ideal for those that want to lose weight because not have many calories. Also has a flavor acid very intense, by what you combine very well with other fruits.

Diets that are rich in fiber can reduce the levels high in cholesterol, which can reduce the risk of diseases and attacks to the heart. The fiber also to fill us and make us feel full, so that can suppress the appetite.

Kiwi good for weight loss and at the same time improve the health

All those small seeds of color black is combine to offer a good dose of fiber insoluble, that help to the digestion to reduce the transit time of stool through the intestines.

But also is a fruit rich in fiber soluble, providing sensation of satiety. The fiber soluble favors the creation of substances of type gel that has the potential of reducing those levels of cholesterol in the blood.

Kiwi and carnitine to fat burning

These amino acids that are valued in the weight loss industry are also quite abundant in this type of fruit.

Carnitine is an essential molecule to burn fat. You can enhance the effect of converting excess body fat into calories. The content of carnitine in the interior of the body usually reaches its peak at the age of 20 years, and after that age, gradually decreases. Therefore, the kiwi is also a good ally to lose weight.

What are the benefits of eating kiwi fruit?

is kiwi fruit good for weight loss

In addition to fiber, kiwis are full of vitamin C, which is essential for gums healthy and important for wound healing, and has a wide amount of magnesium which is good for your bones, and potassium that are healthy for the heart.

The kiwis are full of flavonoids and carotenoids that offer a great protective antioxidant. The flavonoids are good for the health.

Add kiwi to our daily diet is a good way to strengthen the immune system, to prevent respiratory illnesses, purify the body and especially for weight loss.

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