It is possible to lose weight in 3 weeks

If you have tried again and again to follow a diet to lose weight and still not you succeed, it is because that you lack determination, maybe you have very demanding goals.

Prepare your mind to lose weight. If you really want to get rid of some kilos less, you need to be aware that your diet and your pace of life, must give at least 180 degrees.

Lose weight in just 3 weeks is possible, but requires perseverance and put all our effort.

lose weight¿How to get started?

Starts with measure of your weight, and having a reference of kilograms or pounds, so that later you can define a target to reduce it. That Yes, you no obsessions, weighing yourself twice a week, only will increase the anxiety and this may play against him.

Registry of meals

As a second step, is to establish which foods are eating more, if it is possible to have a list of everything that you eat in the day, including snacks, desserts, sweets cravings, all. That way you’ll see what you’ve exceeded and why you are not achieving your goals.

Low calorie diet

One of the first things you need to do is follow a “diet low calorie”.With this I do not mean, that you eat daily soups or salads. You must vary your menu, reduce salt, reduce the levels of sugar, flour, fried. Know how to combine between potatoes and rice. Eliminate sauces such as mayonnaise or mustard and conversely increase your consumption of vegetables and fruits.

This has to be part of your lifestyle, not can be a moment, and then forget and return to its previous routine.

Forget of the sodas

If you like the alcoholic beverages, soft drinks or soda, and takes them of a regular basis, this must be one of the major changes.

What you should do is to take plenty of water, no sugar, no gas. Of That way you is not going to add more calories to your diet and will keep you hydrated.

Increase your intake of salads

The Salads should be your new dessert or appetizer, this is better before lunch enjoy a rich salad of vegetables, you can combine tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, or carrots.

Don’t forget to eat one everyday! Also during the day, by example in the breakfast you can prepare a rich fruit salad.

It reduces your dishes

If you are going to add to your daily diet, vegetable salads, lots of water and fruit, it is necessary reduce your food portions, eating well is not to eat a lot or in excess, is to eat enough into fair portions.

That if you have to eat throughout the day. It is recommended to eat every 3-4 hours.

Avoid eating out

Eating on the street can cause some temptations, most food establishments, often prepare their food with too much oil and usually in the menus do not predominates the salad.

A tip would be that you try eating something healthier at home, before leaving; in this manner will give you less hungry and you don’t exagerarás in eating more.

Exercise every day

Remember to get the best results and fast, you must include in your rhythm of life, physical activity, for at least do half hour exercises every day. You can take long walks, bicycling, dancing, going for a run, swimming. etc

Chew slow

If your chewing is slower, will you feel more satisfied and will avoid eat more between meals. If you eat too fast or without the required concentration, by reading or watching TV, our brain it will take longer to receive the signal that we are satisfied.

These were some recommendations that you might consider if you are looking to lose weight.

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