Kiwi fruit benefits for weight loss – Diet with Kiwis

Diets based on fruits and vegetables are both healthy and revitalizing. And one of the fruits that help us to lose weight is the Kiwi. Why the Kiwi, should be part of your diet?

– The Kiwi is the fruit recommended by specialists in nutrition and dietetics, besides losing weight, benefit from its good flavor and easy to follow diet.

– The kiwi is a source unique vitamins, fiber and minerals, which is important so the digestive, nervous, and cardiovascular, systems work correctly.

– The kiwi has more potassium than a banana and only has 45 calories.

– It also prevents asthma and allergies.

– The high fiber content. Fiber containing provides you with satiety, great advantage in reducing your daily food rations.

– The pectin, a soluble fiber of kiwi prevents fat absorption. Insoluble fiber is important for removal of intestinal waste and can solve your constipation problems.

Unlike other sources of vitamin E, the kiwi has zero content of fats.

kiwi and weight loss, the selection:

Choose the kiwi that is firm, but that subsides with slight pressure from the fingers, if the kiwi is not smooth, means that needed it mature, firm kiwis need a week to ripen at room temperature. You can speed up the process by placing them in a closed paper bag. It keeps the bag at room temperature and checks their maturity after two days. The ripe kiwis are kept for a week or two in the refrigerator.

Kiwi fruit benefits for weight loss

How to include them in your diet?

Perhaps you have heard about the kiwi diet, which consists of only eating this fruit in quantities that you like, however although the kiwi is nutritious, is difficult to know how many calories we eat at the end of the day in this fruit. Recommend, is to add kiwis to our food, either as part of our breakfast, or as a collation between foods.

The kiwi should be eaten preferably fresh, something that few know is that the shell is edible, simply washes and rubs the brown fuzz. But if you do not like eating it that way, you can cut and peel it. An entertaining and practical way is to cut it in half and eat the center with a spoon.

You can also add sliced kiwis as a garnish in a dessert light, even on gelatin dessert, although for this last must remember, that the kiwi has an ” softener” enzyme, avoiding gelatins are cuajen and the desserts that carry milk separating.

Recipe with Kiwis. Lose weight in 2 weeks

Smoothie with oatmeal, ginger and kiwi

You will need:

– 3 Kiwis.
– 4 tbsp flaked oats.
– 1 medium banana.
– 200 ml skimmed milk or soy milk.
– Peeled ginger cut into thin slices.

Recipe with Kiwis

  • Clean the kiwis.
  • Cut the fruit into small pieces and pass it through the blender with the milk and cereals.
  • You can use as an alternative to lactose, soy or rice milk.

The nutritional value of this fruit makes it one of the best choices to complement your diet to lose weight, because it provides balance and health of your body.

Kiwi contains a type of digestive enzymes. This enzyme breaks down proteins into amino acids so that the body can easily absorb these substances.

Carnitine, an amino acid Valued for its power to burn fat, participates in the process of converting excess body fat in calories.


Hard-boiled eggs or passed by water, cereal and of course a couple of kiwis


Breast of chicken (fish) grilled and a salad of spinach and tomato replete with lemon juice. Dessert Kiwi


A tomato salad with tuna (chicken with celery) fruit salad with kiwi, pineapple and watermelon or melon and a yogurt.

You can follow a short and drastic diet and come down in weight between 2 and 4 kg
And for four days you will reduce your calorie intake until the 800 calories.

Your daily menu will be made based on kiwis, broths and soups, some low-fat yogurt and infusions.

The most recommended and healthier variant is something longer, more permissive and equally effective.

For two weeks, your menu is based on fish and grilled chicken, reduces carbohydrates and renounces the sugar.

Forget the bread, coffee and carbonated drinks.

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