How to lose 3 Kilos in 5 days with watermelon diet

The diet of the watermelon, one of the ways most sweet and tasty for weight loss. It is simple and easy to carry, fast and efficient, with the watermelon diet you lose three kilos in just five days.

The watermelon, with a high content of water and fiber, has diuretic properties, antioxidants, vitalizing and especially dietary.

A drastically reduces the level of cholesterol and contains beta carotene, vitamin A, vitamin C and potassium.

Promotes the Elimination of liquids and for its high content of potassium help in regulating blood pressure. It has very few calories (per 100 g only has 32 calories).

During 5 days prevents: eggs, milk, sugar, carbohydrates.

Watermelon diet is not a restrictive diet, allowing you to choose from a wide range of food.

Mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack fruit salad with a low-fat yogurt.

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Watermelon with yogurt Smoothie

You will need:

– A slice of watermelon, seeded, diced
– 100 gr of nonfat yogurt
– 2 ice cubes

Mix all ingredients in a mixer and served cold.

Milkshake of red tea, and watermelon to lose weight

You will need:

– 2 cups prepared red tea
– A slice of watermelon
– An Apple

Place pieces of watermelon without seeds in a blender, also adding cubes of apple with the skin.

Add the red tea already prepared, preferably at room temperature. Beat until the ingredients are integrated fully and blending is well homogeneous.

– Red tea is a tea to lose weight, most popular and used
– It is an effective fat burning which in turn, can be taken in various ways.
– It can be prepared in the form of liquid without any problems.

With taking these shakes are contributing to the body with fibers;
Foods with properties satiating.
Fruits with depurative properties and all the power of tea to lose weight.

In fact, the combinations with fruits that help you lose weight as watermelon or Apple, potency their slimming properties.

You’ll lose 3 pounds in less than a week. You become slim fast and healthy by regulating your intestinal transit given the diuretic effect of watermelon and freeing you from toxins due to its detoxifying power.

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