How to Lose Weight During Menopause

A lot of folks may have never figured out to lose their weight during the menopause. If you are one of them, maybe because you have never thought about the difficulty when you lose are in this stage. This is a natural phase in a woman’s life. It comes with many changes both physically, biologically, and mentally. Aimless diet will lead to disaster. Some menopause women are sick because of strict diet for the sake of weight loss. One thing that they forget is that their body need more nutrients than before, so weight loss menopause can be a bit tricky.

So, how to lose weight during menopause? These are simple and easy things you can do.

Healthiest Eating Habits

First of all, you need to figure out the healthiest eating habits. Spare your time and effort to find your ideal diet. You may want to change your diet. But thing to be considered is that do not change your diet entirely in an instant, but rather give your body some time to adapt. For example, you suddenly replace your favorite foods with Paleo dishes or so. Though the reaction depends on an individual’s personality, the sudden change may lead to anxiety and depression. You don’t have to erase your favorite foods from your diet.

All Natural

lose weight during menopause

It still has thing to do with the previous tips. But it is merely the things involved with your food items. During the menopause, you will find that your body is a bit more sensitive. Well, that’s good. It means that your body asks you to keep everything natural. Rather than processed foods you can purchase at convenient store, you can make simple dishes from the freshest ingredients you can buy at local market.

Routine Exercise

I know this is very common but it is always important. Most menopausal women find it hard to do routine exercise. But it is very important to acknowledge that good amount of exercise can help you to lose weight significantly. It does not have to be rough and hard. You can try by doing less intensive exercise like taking a walk, little jogging, easy aerobic dance, yoga, etc.

Sleeping Well

When you gain your weight rapidly, you need to check your sleeping time. You may not be sleeping as well as you need. People mostly spend their normal 8 hours to sleep. Your personal need might be more or less. When you lack of sleeping, your hunger hormone will keep telling you to eat carbs and sugar to make you “awake”. You will have less of “stop” hormone asking you to stop consuming. Well, that is not good situation for you. The research shown that people who sleep longer are more likely losing their weight faster than those who sleep shorter.

Be Happy!

Recent research is suggesting that stress level can affect people’s appetite. Some tend to eat more. Well, I am pretty sure that some people have realized it themselves. “Oh, I am depressed. I need to grab a bottle of beer and tortilla snack, and watch TV while devour them.”

Sounds familiar to you?

Well, you need to change your stress level. Get a life, enjoy your life. Rather than pressing yourself to achieve weight loss goal, it is much better to let yourself happily do it.


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