Why my weight increases if I’m reducing measures?

If you are watching your diet and doing exercise obviously expect that a loss of weight. Most of us the only reference we take when we want to lose weight is the weight thanks to the help of the bascule, however, this indicator is not always the most appropriate, then I will explain why.

Slim down not always is the same that lose weight

Seems very contradictory, but it is reality, slimming refers to the fact of being thinner, see us thinner, this usually occurs when we reduce “body fat”, while losing weight, refers to weigh less, but beware, it is not the same lose a pound of fat, a kilo of water or muscle mass why not?

Our body is composed of muscle, connective tissue, liquid, bone and light fabric, also fat, the latter, which is actually considered obesity.

Why just fat is obesity?

Imagine that you have two individuals in front of you, both have the same height of 1.70 m and a weight of 98 kg, however, one of these people is a bodybuilder, your muscles are quite developed, in contrast, the other guy looks obese, and indeed, that is the diagnosis.

While the weight is the same for both, the individual who is a bodybuilder, not suffer from obesity, since in his case, the weight that we could consider excessive, actually is muscle, a compact tissue, that does not make you look fat a person and nor has the same negative health effects as with fat mass.

reducing measures

The Muscle weighs more.

This is a common statement and it is partially true, because it is not well expressed, actually muscle and the fat are equal of heavy, because weight is a unit of measurement, however, the fat tends to occupy more space being less dense than muscle, so if we compare a kilo of butter, with a kilo of meat , we realize that butter, clearly seems more mass, this same occurs in our body, the muscle may not affect the cm or the famous measures, but the fat, it is very evident, just upload a couple of kilos in body fat to notice that the clothing we have no as before.

How does this affect to the weight and measures? It is simple, because muscle weighs more and not noticed both measures, we can develop it and replace the weight of the fat that we have lost, in the common scale, we cannot see the changes, we will continue watching the same weight, but noticing more, loose clothing.

Is it possible not lose weight, but if you losing measures?

Clear that Yes, especially when it is stimulating the muscle gain, as it is the case with the weights and impact exercises. If you are a sedentary person, and you begin to do something physical activity Yes there may be gain muscle, this is a normal process and is usually not affected by long time the weight, because if we do not make a regime to gain weight, probably not going to develop much muscle.

However, this effect of prevailing weight and minor measures can also be explained by fluid retention. A detail that many times we forget the water say, also weighs, when passes through some process or change body, such as hormonal changes, can occur that you have stored liquids, especially in our limbs, sometimes this fluid retention is even visible, for example on our feet and ankles.

Tips for not despair

We already know that the weight is not the only indicator when it comes to weight loss, however, is often the only one that we take into account.

  • I recommend taking measures in addition to weigh us to go check our progress also in sizes, the size reduction is a good sign of slimming so although the scale doesn’t move, takes into account the cm as an indicator.
  • Seeks to always weigh yourself at the same conditions, preference in fasting, after going to the bathroom and with the same clothes, to avoid as far as possible any factor that can alter our weight.
  • Check your weight weekly, however, expected remarkable results every 15 days, it is not recommended to weigh yourself daily.
  • Make you a more detailed nutritional assessment, including the percentage of body fat mass, therefore this indicator helps us to see if we have lost our kilos of fat; some scales have the function to calculate the percentage of body fat mass, so it may be useful to identify the fat that we have lost our body.
  • If for some reason you weight is maintained or even increased, but you lose measures do not worry, you’ve lost weight after all, and eventually fat loss will be reflected in the scale.
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