Shakes for weight loss: advantages and disadvantages

Surely have been found with a similar slimming product, which consists of a simple step, take milkshake or smoothie and replace it by the breakfast or dinner and slims.

First that nothing, I do not say that this strategy is bad, however, nor I can say that it is the most appropriate. The shakes for weight loss not always are so safe, although they may well help us lose weight, it is very important to evaluate the risks.

Advantages of slimming shakes

The shakes for weight loss have its advantage, the first which I have to admit, is that it is a simple method, no to make many changes in the diet, just replace the breakfast or dinner with a milkshake.

We save time, the only thing we have to do is add water or milk and take it, it is very fast and we don’t have to think or complicate a diet that gives us menus and that can be more complicated.

Another advantage, and that perhaps is the reason why we can resort to this method, is that do they work, because they help us to reduce and control the amount of calories we eat.

Disadvantages of the shakes for weight loss

After reading the benefits, sure that we will be considering this method, but the reality is that it is not appropriate for all of us and in the long run can have its consequences.

One disadvantage of the shakes short term is the lack of variety, perhaps at the beginning is an attractive method by its advantages, but after taking a milkshake every day, method seems more boring and we are losing motivation, moreover, we must remember that our diet to be healthy, should be varied because well we ensure the absorption of nutrients of different types.

It should be noted that not all the shakes are the same, and some may even contain ingredients that we do not tolerate well or provoke us side effects that is a risk we are taking by choosing shakes for weight loss.

Another major disadvantage of the malted is that it is very imprecise, usually have a number of calories controlled, that while for some it may be enough for adequate nutrition, for others the calorie deficit can be risky, and may cause liver disease as: “fatty liver”, by force the losing weight with a reduction of excessive calories.

I also want to mention that most of these milkshakes tend to be expensive, so it is an expense that we must consider.

The rebound effect, I think that it is sufficient disadvantage as to lose interest in this method to lose weight, because it is quite possible stop consuming the milkshake, we recover our lost weight and even more, due to the alteration of metabolism putting us in a regime of this kind.

And finally there is the disadvantage that we depend on a single product to lose weight, since change our breakfast and/or dinner by a milkshake unfortunately does not help us to real changes in habits, is not the same thing, do a dietary change and start to educate ourselves to eat healthily, that get used to the use of a milk shake, we are at the end , depending on a product.

Healthy alternatives

As always I recommend, the best alternative to lose weight as well as exercise and regular physical activity, a healthy diet is perfect. Make real changes of habits and educate us about the quality of our diet and also the amount.

Milkshakes or smoothies can be a good alternative if you don’t have the time to prepare, but it is important to know that not we need of a product, we can make a homemade milkshake with very similar characteristics to help replace breakfast or either dinner occasionally.

Below is a recipe of a smoothie healthy and homemade:

shakes for weight loss


-1 cup of skimmed milk or vegetable milk (soy).
-1 cup frozen strawberries or ½ banana, can be another fruit as 1 Apple.
-1/2 tablespoon of bran wheat or oat flakes (1 tablespoon).
– 2 Almonds.

Liquefy ingredients, and without strain, take this malt instead of our breakfast. Personally I do not advise to use this milkshake every day, only when we don’t have the time for a complete breakfast. This Smoothie for its combination of protein, carbohydrates and fiber, can give us satiety in the morning and help us to avoid fall into excesses of schedules in the subsequent meals.

There are many variations of recipes for homemade smoothies that can be allies in losing weight, but his diary is not recommended, the diet should be varied to ensure better nutrition.

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